MK Salon – May 2019 Newsletter
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MK Salon – May 2019 Newsletter

The heat of summer is still on in most parts of the country, but at MK Salon we already feel the excitement of the coming season and the beauty trends it brings along. Autumn is here. The leaves are changing colour, the evenings are getting cooler and it’s time to switch up your look with the new season approaching. In this month’s newsletter, we will be bringing you all the latest news, trends and all the exciting things happening at MK Salon

1. Spice it up - Stand out with a wide variety of nail polish types. Matt and glitter nail polish will add some excitement to your nails.
2. Natured Inspired Nails - Muted colours including nudes and dashes of warm earthy tones will not only compliment your surroundings but also match the Autumn fashion trends.
3. Multi-Coloured Nails  - If you can’t decide on one or even two colours for your manicure, why not get a multi-coloured manicure? The trick is to choose the right combination of colours perfect for the season.
4. Natural - Whatever your personality, these tips and trends are ideal if you want to make a statement while still staying true to you.