Nail Horoscope

Choosing a nail design is one thing, but what about the ideal colour? In this day and age, confidence is key, and it’s important that we try to give ourselves that confidence boost, especially for those days when we need it just a little more. Zodiac signs each have a specific power colour — or in some cases, several. A power colour is meant to bring out the best in you.

ARIES: Your power colour is RED
Red shows off this zodiac sign because, you’re strong, competitive and passionate. There’s a good chance you’re probably already rocking some fabulous red lipstick, so why not add some red nails too?

TAURUS: Your power colour is GREEN
Green can help emphasize your patience and reliability as a Taurus. You are also very practical, so a more-simple design would be great for you. Something flashy or extreme is definitely not your thing, so choose a subtle sparkle accent on your ring finger for the perfect addition to your nail set!

GEMINI: Your power colour is YELLOW
Yellow is befitting for this expressive, quick-witted and sociable zodiac sign. Because you are expressive, you’ll want to find a nail design that is more unique. Adding a creative design like a pineapple for your ring finger is a great way to show off that this Gemini is ready for fun.!

CANCER: WHITE and SILVER are both your power colours
White and silver are the go to colours when it comes to this zodiac sign. Because you tend to be more emotional and sentimental, however, you will want to pick a design with some darker undertones to it, blending both white and silver creating that power colour perfect for you!

LEO: Your power colour is GOLD
The gold! The drama! The passion! Would we expect the nails of a Leo to be any different than the person? Of course not. Your nails should absolutely reflect your royal self. Gold nail polish completely makes sense for such zodiac royalty. You should go for a longer nail length in a sparkly gold colour. Add to that a fun design on your ring finger to show off your vibrant personality.

VIRGO: Your power colours are GREEN and NUDES
As a Virgo, you are in tune with nature and animals. Naturally, you appreciate smaller details, so along with your power colours, pick an intricate leaf design to go with your connection to nature.

LIBRA: Your power colours PINK and BLUE
You are all about serenity and being a gentle soul. Baby blue and pink are both sweet colours that make others feel happy and at peace. You also appreciate harmony, so a design that naturally blends the pink and blue is a great option for you!

SCORPIO: Your power colour is BLACK
If you have never considered black nails, now is the time to do so. Embrace your assertiveness with your power colour of black. As a Scorpio, you are not afraid to be fierce, so a complimentary design for those awesome black nails would be showing them off with dashes of gold. After all, you are not one to be shy and demure.

SAGITTARIUS: Your power colour purple.
You are as curious as you are energetic. Clearly, your power colour is going to be something more vibrant. The best colour to bring out your best self is one that symbolizes royalty. Let’s not forget though, that you also happen to have a great sense of humour, which means that you should aim for a fun design to go with those purple nails. A colourful animal print would be great for you!

CAPRICORN: Your power colours are GREY and BROWN
Keeping it simple is key for you. Earth tones are perfect as you prefer to be more practical and serious in life. You also enjoy tradition, so anything too crazy won’t help bring out your best energy. All you need for great nails is a subtle grey-brown hue with a shorter nail, and you will be ready to go.

AQUARIUS: Your power colour is BLUE
As an Aquarius, you are equal parts progressive and optimistic. A bright nail with your power colour of blue will bring out your optimism. Since you are also progressive and independent, it’s important to find a design that acknowledges that too. Instead of one design, you should use various ones on each nail. Use this look for your ideal nails in the blue colour scheme.

PISCES: Your power colour is LIGHT GREEN
It’s a happier colour that exudes your friendly, kind personality. You also a very compassionate sign who really cares about taking the initiative to help others, so show it off with inviting nails with an elegant gold touch!

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