“I believe that every human being is born beautiful and unique inside and out, then life happens and most of us lose some of our allure. At MK Salon every client is a VIP who will walk away with a different perspective on how valuable and worthy they really are”

– Marieth Kloppers


At MK Salon we do things a little differently. We wanted to create a space where our experienced professionals could express themselves and have the freedom to accommodate their clients in their own unique way. Our ideal is a positive environment… one in which you can let go of what may hold you back, and open your soul to embrace a new you! In essence, our raison d’etre is the client. It’s all about YOU!


MK Salon takes your nail, hair,  beauty, aesthetics treatments and professional make – up  experience to a whole new level. Here you will journey into a celebrity-approved world with expert stylists, beauticians and professionals whose only aim is, to make you feel like a million bucks. MK Salon sells top quality nail, hair, beauty and cosmetic ranges.